The Cottage 


The view from the backdoor. The Snack Lady has scaled down her farm operation and her livestock to focus more on her love of writing, rehabilitating rescue dogs, and spending more time with Mike.   All her animals, including her dogs, the bunnies, the chickens, her one fabulous riding horse and Darla, the donkey, are incredibly happy living at the Cottage.  The Snack Lady is so grateful for all they give back to her.  Contact her at

The Mountain


View of the veranda between house and cabin.  The mountain is where Mike, the Snack Lady, the beagles, and all the other critters call home.  It all started with the hunting cabin Mike and his dad purchased in the '70s.  They added acreage to this camp through the years. Mike then built a house, connecting it to the cabin, and added a sturdy garage/workshop to complete the homestead.  Definitely a slice of heaven, we all find solace of the soul here. 

The History of Stony Run Farm

Stony Run Farm came into existence in  2003.  A small homestead, modest barn, chicken house, and goat shed made up the heart of the farm.  The first passion was breeding a few quality Warmblood foals with a small string of lovely, handpicked mares.    The chickens were and still are a very integral part of Stony Run Farm.  The dogs of Stony Run enjoyed many treks in the woods and hanging out with Gayle as she would do chores, build fences and maintained the pastures.  It was a dream come true for Gayle, growing to enjoy and cherish the country life.