Bart the Perp

At least that what it looks like.  There is a story behind this, of unfortunate timing and the goodness of folks in rural America.  

Yes, I started out with my truck packed and my two dogs, Bart and Molly riding shotgun.  Before leaving town for the trip to the Mountain I stopped at the local quik-mart.  But then, my truck would not start. Darn, now what...I had absolutely no issues with it before this.  Looking around for my next move, I called the service station which thankfully was only a mile away.  Still, I had to arrange a tow.  To rescue, a deputy sheriff just stopping by offering me, including my dogs, a ride home.  So this picture is a lucky shot taken as we stopped by the garage to pick up my bags from the truck.  I was turned away talking to the deputy.  He looked over my shoulder and laughed.  I took a quick shot, entitled "Bart the Perp".

Darla The Star

At least that what she is aspiring to become.  She has all the makings of a star.  She is precocious, playful, and wants to be everybody's friend when she is so inclined.  This year I wish to get her out and about to a few events so she will be ready to take on the challenge of Christmastime.  Wouldn't she just look adorable in the live nativity scenes orchestrated by our local churches?


As you can see from the pictures, she has the looks plus she is very interested in viewing herself on facebook.  

For fun, Darla chases the chickens around the field and always shows her heels to her friend, Sarafine, the Quarter Horse.  Still a youngster she has much more energy than I or Sarafine.  Darla also looks forward the almost daily visits from our neighbor's granddaughters who always bring carrots for all.   Wow, what a life.  She just needs to get out more and see what the world holds for her.